Beach of Cavoli – Hotel La Conchiglia

Beach of Cavoli

The most famous beach on Elba

Cavoli Beach is one of the most famous beaches of the island of Elba for the transparency of its waters, its beautiful, fine, white sand and the particular mild climate all year round.

300 meters of white sand, framed by beautiful cliffs, in a well protected area, recieving only south-western currents.

The name of the beach comes from ‘cavili’, square granite blocks, once extracted in the nearby granite mines.

Very easy to reach, the ground of the sea is made of white granite sand and in some areas of round white pebbles.

t the left side of the beach, along the coast, you visit the famous cave ‘Grotta Azzurra’ or ‘Grotta di Mare’. Accessible with a pedalo or a small boat. The cave is situated not more than 600 m from the bay and is worth a visit.

On the slope above Cavoli you may find witnesses of the granit stone working in Roman times onto middle age periods under the governors of Pisa.
Hidden now under vegetation, there are to be discovered and admired antique quarries, rests of columns and a granite basin in the shape of an old roman ship, never brought to an end, which was due to be installed in the gardens of Boboli in Florence.
These sites may be easily visited using well kept paths, walking or with a mountain bike.

Services at Cavoli: beach baths, boat rental, bar, restaurant, bazar, tobacconist’s and newsstand, guarded parking.

The hotel doesn’t have its own beach services. However there is an agreement with the beach services with discounts for hotel’s guests.